A Study of Content Team Structure by Jimmy Daly

A Study of Content Team Structure

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Here's what to expect from this course
3 mins
Survey: What's the structure of your content team?
Team Structure at Sprout Social
Interview with Alicia Johnston, senior manager of content and communications
19 mins
Sprout Social Org Chart
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Key Takeaways
AMA with Alicia Johnston from the CMCG Slack Community
Team Structure at OpenView Venture Partners
Interview with Margaret Kelsey, marketing director at OpenView Venture Partners
17 mins
OpenView Org Chart
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Key Takeaways
Stella Garber (Trello/Atlassian) Integrating a Freemium Product into a Traditional SaaS Business Model
Team Structure at Venngage
Interview with Sara McGuire, content marketing manager at Venngage
18 mins
Venngage Org Chart
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Key Takeaways
Team Structure at OptimoRoute
Interview with Morena Simatic, VP of Marketing at OptimoRoute
18 mins
OptimoRoute Org Chart
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Key Takeaways