Superpath Partner Program by Jimmy Daly

Superpath Partner Program

What is the Superpath partner program?

We're creating new and better ways for businesses to reach our audience of content marketers. We have 1,600+ engaged content professionals in this group. Instead of traditional sponsorships, here's what the partner program looks like:
  • We host an AMA with you/someone from your team. It's a chance for our members to get to know you and for you to speak directly to the group. AMAs drive a lot of engagement, making this a valuable opportunity to interact with your potential customers.
  • We'll create 2-4 tutorial videos where you show us how your product supports content marekting workflows. These will be published in the Slack group and live in perpetuity on our website.
  • You provide our members with an incentive to try/use your product.
Questions? Email me at