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Whether you're looking to hire a content creator or a VP, Superpath has you covered. We'll source and screen great candidates for you.
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We interview hiring managers to ask the questions candidates should be asking. We'll talk about the team, the culture and the work.


Our network is one of the highest concentrations of content talent in the world. We'll use it to help you find great people.


We'll screen candidates, then pass them onto you. We've hired 100+ content marketers and know how to analyze writing samples and work experience. 

Let's humanize the hiring process.

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"Hiring our new Head of Content through Superpath was an extremely low-friction process and found us our first-pick! Jimmy worked hard coaching candidates on their applications and understanding the role's nuances from our side which sped up the review process and made my life easier."
Benjamin Brandall, Head of Marketing @ Chameleon
"Great candidates have become harder and harder to come by as companies realize the value of content marketing. Superpath saved us hours and hours of recruiting and reviewing candidates, and helped us fill our role with an extremely impressive marketer in just a few weeks."
Len Markidan, CMO @ Podia
"After months of interviews using traditional job posting sites to find candidates, we weren't finding the right fit for what our growing tech start-up needed as our company's first marketing hire - we were beyond frustrated. That's when we were introduced to Superpath. Their team took time to understand our unique needs, provided us with a list of vetted and quality candidates from their network and ultimately found us a great fit within the first two weeks. The Superpath team gave us the personal touch we needed to find the right person for the job and we are so thankful we found them when we did."
Aimee Slade, Head of Operations @ Vanilla


Do you charge an ongoing fee?

No, we charge a flat rate. This keeps our incentives aligned. We'll keep your job ad up as long as necessary.

Are you headhunters?

No. This is a lightweight recruiting service designed to expose your job to the right people and to provide help screening candidates.

I've already started interviewing candidates. Is it too late to work with Superpath?

No, we're happy to help regardless of where you are in the hiring process. We'll need ~2 weeks to start getting candidates for you.

What/who is Superpath?

Superpath is a career resource for hub for content marketers. We have a bustling Slack community, a career-focused podcast and a professional development membership. We also help employers tap into this network to find great talent.

It was cofounded by Walter Chen, founder and former CEO of Animalz, and Jimmy Daly, former VP of Growth at Animalz.
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