How to Build a Successful & Lucrative Career in Content Marketing by Jimmy Daly

How to Build a Successful & Lucrative Career in Content Marketing

Are you ready to accelerate your career growth? Too many content careers stall out because people don't build the skills necessary to thrive. This field is rich with opportunity and in this course, you'll learn how to harness it.

This is a 5-day career jumpstart

The skills that enable content marketers to thrive—namely, strong writing, critical thinking and storytelling—can be the foundation of fulfilling, successful and lucrative career in marketing. Plenty of people build great careers as content marketers. Plenty of others build on their content skills to become directors, VPs, CMOs and founders. I want you to be next.

I've spent the last 10 years working in content. I got started writing 200-word articles for $30 apiece. I eventually led content marketing at an early-stage startup, worked agency-side with Fortune 500 companies, took over content at QuickBooks and was the VP of Growth at Animalz. I've started this new business to help other content marketers find similar success. I know this world and I know how to help you build a great career in it.

This course is delivered over five days. Each day, you'll receive a new video lesson along with helpful resources, transcriptions and key takeaways. We'll talk about things like:
  • Building equity in your career - What can you do outside of your day job to further your career?
  • Elevating out of keyword research and SEO writing - What is the bigger picture? What have your really been hired to do?
  • Speaking the language of executives - How to show higher-ups that you're more than a content creator.
  • Supplemental skills to layer onto your existing ones - What are the "soft skills" that all successful marketers have?
  • Extracurricular work to help you get ahead - How to better understand business, sales and marketing (while putting some extra cash in your pocket).
This course includes:
 📺 5 videos, each on a clear and actionable topic
 🎧 Audio versions and transcripts of each lesson
✅ Lesson summaries with key takeaways
🧠 Curated resources from other expert content marketers
😃 Q&A with me. Leave questions on any module and I'll answer (or find an answer) for you.

Have questions about this course that aren't covered below? Just shoot me an email at jimmy [at] superpath [dot] co. 
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Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone wanting to further their career in content marketing. It's best suited for folks who are early to mid-career, or folks who want to evolve beyond content creation into strategy and management.

Will there be updates to this course?

I'm planning on adding modules, interviews and more to this. All students get lifetime access. You'll never have to pay extra to access any new material in this course.

Can I preview the course?

There is no course preview right now, but check out our blog, podcast and newsletter. If you like what you see, you'll like this too.

And what if I don't like it?

I think you'll really enjoy this course, but in case you don't, there's an unconditional, 30-day money-back guarantee. All I ask is that you shoot me an email to explain what you didn't like. Your feedback is invaluable and you'll still get your refund.

Who are you, again?

I'm Jimmy Daly, a longtime content marketer and recent cofounder/CEO of Superpath. If you care, you can check my LinkedIn profile. This new company is a career resource hub for content marketers. We also have a job board and provide recruiting services.